May 31st, 2009



Now that my mom is on facebook and twitter, i find myself self-censoring more than i like to. Not that she's talking to me anyway ...
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  • 00:07 If only the weather would stay this nice all summer. Who needs sun? <kasey> #
  • 00:10 Was hoping that a walk to the store would wake me up a little. It didnt, but the drunk kids in line behind me were pretty amusing. <kasey> #
  • 12:29 listening to the audiocast of the race in topeka. watching the cats going crazy. Either clean house or work on motorcycle today, i dunno... #
  • 12:57 I am enough of a racing dork that I just dragged the laptop into the bathroom so that I wouldn't miss the semis while in the shower. #
  • 17:00 @squee01 pfft. wish it was winter! #
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