June 21st, 2009

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i need help

My laptop is dying a slow death ... it's just not happy anymore, it's almost three years old, and it's starting to have some issues.

So I've decided to go back to a desktop for several reasons. This is where I need your help. I don't even know where to start ... last time I got a desktop, I had friends that helped me put one together, but I've managed to piss all those people off and can't use them anymore. I don't even know where to start. I need a whole setup - computer, monitor, keyboard.

I use my computer primarily for internet, photos, and music.

Where do I go? What do I need? I want to avoid bestbuy/dell/etc.

TIA ...
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second question of the day

OK, forget the last question. Apparently the boy just went to Best Buy and bought something, so i guess "something" will have to be good enough.

New question:

What will be the easiest way to get all my pics from the laptop to the new system? I can use the iPod to move iTunes over, but i have about 9500 pics that need to be moved over. Halp?
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