July 9th, 2009


From Twitter 07-08-2009

  • 00:30:05: Public enemies was pretty good, but sad. i knew no happy ending was coming. <kasey>
  • 01:49:19: @EhStrawberry Rhonda lives in AZ now. sorry.
  • 09:53:33: Line at dmv is out the door. <kasey>
  • 10:55:38: Am now the proud owner of ''ZOMBY'' plate for my bike! <kasey>
  • 14:18:39: Layoffs fucking suck. <kasey>
  • 14:22:33: @dwight_dutton no, not me. But enough staff to make shelter operations that much harder. some friends. <kasey>
  • 20:14:34: @wakko312 no i am lucky. But some very good people are going. <kasey>
  • 22:09:34: Cruising in the cadillac ... <kasey>

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