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You think you're getting over it ... you think you're actively dealing with it ... and then you have to deal with it at an unexpected time, in an unplanned situation, and it makes it new and fresh and hurt all over again. And even more confused.

And then you get home, and see small things which make it clear that the whole truth is not being told ...

Nobody cares the way you want them to ... disappointment's the only rule ...

Other than that little bit of brightness/darkness that brought my evening to a close, I had a mild and pleasant evening. Much conversation of criminal justice with clockworkbadger, wherein I found out that I could have actually gone to jail for those parking tickets. (The subject of debate the other night with someone who's name I have forgotten.) Quite interesting. pink80s was there for a while, being involved in some vast conspiracy. heartcooksbrain appeared also. He is such a comfy person to lean on, when he is in the mood to be leaned on. One of the few people with whom I am comfy putting my head on his shoulder.

Finally caught up with wubby tonight. Whom I've met before, but not really met. Both hanging about the fringes of the same social circle. And I made some observance of the game of Counterstrike, and I will soon actually attempt to play. Couldn't bring myself to actually jump in and play the game last night, though. It's intimidatingly complex. Or I am frightfully stupid. I'll figure out which. Spent more time hanging out with wubby, which was all sorts of fun and interesting. I'm a sucker for good conversation. John, the skinnier of the oafish twins showed up, and added a bit of strangesness. I like the guy ... aside from the unintentionally backhanded compliments ... he is just so overenthusiastic about everthing. There is an underlying desparation to that boy. That, and he is one of the personal space invaders - everytime I talk to him, I end up backing up a lot. Michael showed up at quite a late hour, talked for a while of work and such things.

Left late, very late. Been a while since I've done that.

Babyland is playing soon, two local shows, and both on Saturday nights. Sadness. I love Central. I don't mind that I work weekends. But I miss interesting Saturday things sometimes.

Bad Religion tickets went on sale today. I want to go ... but I'm broke. Anyone wanna take me?

Work tonight. 6p - 1a. Just long enough to miss everything. Ah well.

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