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So it's five am.
My house is still a mess. Not as much of a mess - I moved some stuff out to the garage. but then i cooked dinner and made a disaster of the kitchen.
i try to keep things in balance like that.

I dyed my hair blue (along with my ears, neck, and fingers). It's not all of my hair, just the underside that was bleached blond. I decided on blue as a matter of practicality - i had a half of a bottle of blue dye in my bathroom, and better on me than dying the cat.

This is inspired by something I saw someone else doing - intentionally crappy poetry. Most poetry on LJ sucks ass, so best to have fun with it, right? so here is my poem about my hair-dying experience:

I wanted to be like the ocean
So i decided to dye my hair blue
It doesn't have so many fishies
But i'm glad for something new.

I forgot how much fun horrible poems can be. expect more.

Pictures will be posted when the light is better and I have some makeup on.

I gave up on Soulseek and downloaded EDonkey. It's much more efficient, though i wish more punks were online. the lesser-known stuff is tricky to find. Anyway, I'm all happy that I'm getting music again. And I really want an Ipod. Maybe I'll set aside some money for that.

maybe i should go to sleep.

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