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one of those non-days

I woke up bright and early yesterday
I woke up

I dragged my hungover ass out of bed midafternoon yesterday and drove to OC for stitch n' bitch, which i was going to flake on, but stephinextremis and dreammadeflesh talked me into coming down. Little stitching was done, much more bitching was accomplished, and michael and i went to Q Club for taco tuesday. yay cheap tacos.

and then i went to work.

everybody there was cranky, no one wants to cover my shift for the N.Y. show, and there was horrible explosive diarrhea from a 125 lb mastiff. And there we a bunch of FUBAR animals that the owners just wanted us to keep alive, which is the saddest thing ever.

And here's today's horrible poem for you (I'm still not sure why i'm embarrassing myself with this little tradition, but it's fun)

I never see my friends because I work too much
We don't go to clubs, or go out to lunch
If there was no mortgage to pay, i'd socialize and be friendly
But for now, my time is spread quite thinly

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