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My migraine is on day 3 now.

I took two Vicodin before I went to sleep, and woke up 12 hours later, groggy and my head still hurts. Argh.

Ode to Vicodin
Vicodin, my happy little pill
For use only when I'm ill
That's a rule I have to break
For a bad day, or any small ache
I'll probably end up a pill addict
There's worse things i could have picked

ok, so my head doesn't hurt too bad to rhyme ... but it hurts to look out of my right eye.

I'm supposed to meet with Erica in a couple hours, and then with Cody after Michael gets off work. Hopefully I'll be good company, though i'm not feeling too great. I think this fulfills my socialization obligations for the week. After that, I have to drive home so the kitties and bird get some care before I'm off to work for the weekend.

I could use a drink and a backrub.

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