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You know the night went well when you come home and realize that your underwear are on inside out.
I was greatly amused to realize that when i came in last night.

After I left work (and I am so over the Garden Grove job - not even worth writing about) I went over to Michael's. We picked up some veggies and beer, and he had rented a couple movies. We watched Run Lola Run, which was just awesome. One of the coolest movies I've ever seen. After that we watched some of Desperado, but only made it halfway through - not because it was bad, but because i was drunk and distracted.

It was nice. It was just what I needed, actually. My whole day before i went to his house was shitty.

Michael - "You're using beer as a medication - but it seems to be working for you!"

Maybe if i worked a lower stress job, i'd drink less. maybe if i didn't work a second job, i'd drink less. maybe i'd drink more, out of boredom.

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