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I can only take so much abuse.

Strange day. Better than boring, like yesterday.

Met up with Cryss tonight. We haven't hung out in sooo long, lotsa catching up talking to do. I dragged him with me to TC, as I had already told people I'd be there, and he had no better ideas. So that was an interesting experience ... old friend/boyfriend, and coffeeshop friends. But it seemed to go well enough. Really nice to see cryss again, he's grown up a lot and is looking well. Don't know why he couldn't do his hair decently and dress nice when we were going out. Boys always improve after I ditch them. I don't know why.

Jessica showed up, brought her brother, and then ushered him off quite quickly and came back. I have more talking to do with her. She and Cryss seemed to hit it off quite well ...

At the end, it was Cryss and Armand wandering between the patio and 3DO, me, Jarhead Justin, Kelly, Andy, and Michael. Pierre wandered up a while after a while. Justin made some comments, a couple to me and one to another that I felt were very innappropriate. Pierre made a crack about me making money on Harbor, and I got totally fed up and just left. I was having fun, I would have hung out a bit more, and I can take teasing back and forth, but I think the insults got personal, and I left.

I don't think I over-reacted. I hope I didn't. I will take a lot of abuse, but the line was crossed.

Johnny called me this morning. He got a job, being a bouncer for Chain Reaction. So I'm happy for him. One person that really should not be unemployed ... I know people that are unemployed because the aren't willing to work, he's really not one of them ... he's a machinist who got laid off, and hasn't been able to find work in his field. He wanted to hang out tonight, but i had already made plans with Cryss.

I fell asleep this afternoon. Odd for me, I rarely nap. But I just crashed out for like two hours. Woke up to the phone ringing, realized I was totally lagging and should have been out of the house by then. But a refreshing little bit of sleep. So, because of that, I was hyper and jumpy all night.

Oh yeah ... I got my new phone, and corresponding new phone nmber today. I sent out the mass e-mail with the new number, but if you didn't get it and you should have it, email me or leave a comment or something. I like my new phone, it does all sorts of nifty stuff.

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