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My finger hurts

Cocker Spaniels are rotten little bastards, and that's all the explanation that should be required for the question of "Why does Kasey's finger hurt?"

Other than that, work went well last night. I was assigned to four very critical patients. It's nicer (to me) to be able to focus on a few very ill creatures than to watch a large number of stable patients. I have more fun that way.

But why on earth would an owner put a 20 year old beagle with cancer though orthopedic and abdominal surgery? Some things are just cruel.

I chatted briefly with the tech manager the other day about schedule, and she mentioned that she's "heard only great things about me." So I'm happy. I really do like my job, no matter how tired I get.

I'm going to be participating in a sleep drug study, something about "shift worker sleep syndrome". A double blind study for some short acting stimulant. I hope I don't get the placebo. I did an interview on the phone today, and I'm waiting on a call back. One night a month, i've got to stay in some sleep center while they watch me pace the room at night. should be fun. or interesting. Maybe I'll get paid. I should have asked earlier, probably.
Heh ... I'm a guinea pig!

Off to dinner with stephinextremis, then work. I'm picking up Michael in the morning to spend Thursday with me, which will be a nice break.

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