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At least work last night didn't suck as bad as the night before ...

in fact, aside from having to get chest x-rays on a 180 pound dog, it really was okay. The girl that annoys me most left early, and nothing too difficult happened. and i showed up a snotty RVT who couldn't intubate a cat.

The x-rays ... the dog was an Irish Wolfhound with dilated cardiomyopathy, which means his heart was stretched out, baggy, and inefficient. On x-ray, we found that the heart took up most of the space in this massive dog's chest. While we were holding him down for pictures, we could not only see the movement of his heart beating through the skin of his chest, we could see the movement created by each chamber. It was a trip.

The dog is fucked, but i'm sure the owners will put him through a few thousand more worth of treatment before he crashes and dies.

Michael is doing a ride-along with animal ambulance today. I hope he likes it ... i think it would be a neat job for him. Unfortunately, I don't know when he'll be done, and we have planned for tonight (assuming i wake up at a reasonable hour). Hopefully everything will work out.

He went out and had fun with work people last night, and i'm jealous ... not that he went out with other people, but that he had time free to have fun with anyone, and i hardly ever do.

I'm having sleeping problems ... i can't fall asleep, and when i finally do, i have a heck of a time waking up. I've gone three days now without more than a four or five hour stretch of sleep, but i'll be totally exhausted when i get off work and just unable to shut my mind down. By the time i think about taking something, it's usually too late.

and i'm tired enough now that i'm making typos, so i'm off to try to sleep. one day without work, and i get to go home tonight.

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