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my computer is a bastard

I wrote a lot, and then my computer froze and ate it. bastard.

it was probably all worthless babble anyway.

I've been busy, work and doctor's visits and driving and such. not a lot of fun. Michael has been going out with friends from work, and i'm jealous - i want to go out to hookah bars, i want to see people. I want to not work five days a week.

I'm up at my house right now, and not unhappy about it. i got to sleep in my own bed, for a whole seven hours. My kitties are happy to see me. Flea is happy to be home. I am happy to be home, though i have to leave in a few hours. I'm spending the night at michael's house tonight. He's buying the beer. I should probably tell him that i'm bringing flea with me ... but i'm sure he'll figure it out.

The parakeets (still unnamed) are being especially vocal today - mostly when the cat is staring at them.

Nothing works around here. I need to call a plumber to fix the sink. The CD burner isn't working. My computer is barely functional. The printer isn't hooked up, and is out of ink anyway. The A/C blows warm air around. I don't have money to fix anything.
Oh yeah, this is living the high life.

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