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Nice Day

I had a Nice Day yesterday.

And I think, right now, that all I can ask for is one Nice Day at a time. I'm grateful that I got it.

I picked Michael up after work Sunday morning and drove up to my house. A few hours of sleep, then we worked some more at cleaning up the backyard. Most of the leaves are out of it and the spider population seems to be significantly reduced. I just have to clean the chairs, set up the new table, and deal with the wasp's nest, and then i can enjoy my backyard again. I really have to work at not letting that get out of control again, but when i'm sad, things like that get neglected. After that, we went into Riverside to TJ's, for food and drink and laundry soap. A stop at the video store end up with us renting Pleasantville, which (capsule review forthcoming) i thought was conceptually great, wonderful 90% of the time, but a bit over-obvious and left an unresolved ending.

We made dinner (portabellas and salad), drank yummy hoppy beer, and watched the movie. After the movie Michael dyed my hair (and it's almost perfect ... what isn't i can easily fix) and I put purple streaks in his. His work's reaction to the chunks of purple remains to be seen. I think it's pretty. But he really needs a haircut.

A few hours left to kill after all the day's projects resulted in cuddling, talking, and (yay!) getting some action. So i was a happy, happy girl.

Even though Michael's work sucks and made him work today (it's fucking Labor Day!) so he had to come home last night, i was still glad to have been able to spend the day with him. It was productive, in several different ways.

My fingertips are purple from dying michael's hair ... gloves just seemed so superfluous at the time ...

Tonight i work, tomorrow night I go to school, wednesday morning I go to school, wednesday night i may or may not go to work, and thursday morning I'm taking the train to san diego to go to the emergency and critical care veterinary conference. And with the weather the way it is, i'm sure glad it's not in new orleans this year.

Right now, i'm off to pick up some prescriptions and meet michael for (his) lunch. then i have an hour or two to kill before work ... i'm sure i'll find something to do.

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