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san diego

San Diego was awesome. The train ride, both there and back, was awesome. The conference was great. Our quirky little hotel, with the amusing gay bartender that gave me lots of free cosmos, was so cool. We walked everywhere, and I had the brains to wear layers of sweaters and stockings and long skirts, so i got to sweat. I learned a lot. I saw lots of people I knew, and tried to avoid most of them. I wrote a bit in the lag time, i'll input it later. I read some books. I drank. I ate good food. I got to know one of my coworkers a bit better. I got to see dreammadeflesh for a few hours after i got into OC, and briefly saw clockworkbadger. I would have stayed at his apartment longer, but i was really tired.

my trip was fun. I'd do it again.

more later, when i can keep my eyes open.

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