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Ah, lovely Moreno Valley. Several days of pleasant weather every year, guaranteed! Though I hope that this year's supply doesn't all get used this week. By next month, there will be frost on my windows and the cats will huddle together for warmth at night. I wore a jacket to school this morning, the first morning in months where the sun isn't painful by 8:00 am. My windows are open and the cats are loving it. Flea is in my bed, hiding under the blanket.

I know I've mentioned before that there are some interesting street names here. My favorite up until today was Flaming Arrow St. I've got a new favorite now, found on the way home from school. Black Shadow Drive. How spookygothy is that? I want to live there. Well, not particularly in that neighborhood, but i like the street name.

Whoever did the street naming in Moreno Valley must have been a very odd creature. There's a whole section of streets with unpronounceable Greek names with too many vowels (Brodiaea, Dracaea, Delphinium, etc.). There is Sweetleaf St., which intersects with Bluntleaf Ct. The intersection of Heacock and Ironwood always makes me giggle, but i'm immature like that. On the way to school, I pass La Fortuna Drive. There aren't nearly as many odd street names in OC - it's more creative here.

I'm going to see Ministry on Friday, at the HoB in hollywood. I think they're playing with Thrill Kill Kult, but i'm not sure. Heather and her blue haired boyfriend are going. Michael will be going with me, so it says in the e-mail i received this morning. this makes me feel a little bit better. Heather wanted me to go either way, but it wouldn't have felt right. Especially after the last time I saw ministry ... anyway, ticketmaster is a bunch of extortionist bastards. Their fees are ridiculous. I know I'm paying for convenience, but it would probably have been cheaper to drive into hollywood, buy the tickets at the box office, and circumvent the fees that way. It certainly would have saved me money on the cd's i bought while in the music store.

i think i'm going to take a nap.

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