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I guess I used to be cool.

I've heard from so many old friends that I used to be cool. Funny, because I've never thought of myself as cool. But apparently, coffeeshops, cell phones, and the internet have reduced my coolness factor considerably.

So I did have fun hanging out with Shaun Hunter. We went out for Thai food, which I really didn't need to spend money on, which was good. And now I know where there is a good thai place near here. Really sad that he knows this area better than I do. We drove around looking for a bar, and found none. Oh well. So We picked up some beer, and back to my house, hung out and talked and threw bottle caps back and forth at each other. He's leading quite the interesting life. Ride his bike all over the place ... rode from Seattle to S.F., and Portland to O.C., and O.C. to here.

So that was pretty much my evening ... Shaun left a little bit ago. I should sleep, as I have to work tomorrow (tonight) at 6. Which means I have to leave my house at 4. So I'll need to be awake.

I'm thinking I may go by 3do after work tomorrow. shoot at germans. or not. depends how I feel, I guess. I just hate driving down there, working, and driving right back.

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