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"she said she's fine as she covered up her trembling hands"

ay, it's been a heck of a week.

i would like one day where i can wake in the morning, spend 16 hours awake doing pleasant things, and then sleep for eight hours, at night, in my own bed.
it's a pipe dream.

last night was nice. i was social. people were shocked and amused. I overslept and then met up with mrclown312 and stephinextremis at TC. Steph gave me a nifty set of Hello Kitty chopsticks, and Mike gave me a case full of burned CD's. So sweet of both of them. Steph and I left TC to eat dinner, and returned to a whole new crowd, there for open mic night. I almost turned and ran at that point, but then i saw bigbrother and elected to stay. I really did have fun, and didn't run into anyone that i really didn't want to deal with. Petco stephanie showed up with lacie, and it was nice to see them. Lacie could have been one of the original catty bitches, she's great.

I left at 2130 to pick up beer and dreammadeflesh. poor boy was all sick and worked all day. we went back to his house and drank a bit. I was going to go home, but i slept there instead so that i could give him a ride to school this morning. I'll go home tonight; i'm sure the kitties miss me.

speaking of kitties ... fucking goyle peed in my purse. i did'nt realize this until i was halfway to OC after school on wednesday, and it all leaked at once from my purse onto my lap. So there i was, on the freeway, dead tired after a night of work and a day of school, nothing to look forward to except more work, and my only clean non-cutesy scrubs covered in cat pee.
it was not one of my finer moments.

I submitted my paperwork with my dialysis skills and everything else checked off to my manager at work. Hopefully i'll hear back from her soon, and hopefully i'll get promoted. *fingers crossed*

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