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you've got red on you.

Shaun of the Dead is awesome. You all should go see it. I hate horror movies and i'm saying this. Somehow, they did a really funny, well done horror/zombie movie. And I only spent half of the movie jumping and trying to hide in michael's jacket.

Why do wine bottles have to be so difficult to open? i spent half an hour tonight trying to open a bottle of shiraz and for quite a while was succeeding only in getting core samples of the cork with the corkscrew. Why must it be so hard being an alcoholic?

speaking of alcoholics ... i left michael's tonight at one. i had to put gas in the car, and wanted to pick up some batteries for the portable stereo michael had loaned me. I got gas, decided that batteries were too expensive at the gas station, and drove across the street to rite-aid. I grabbed some batteries, then made my way to the alcohol section in the back, where i picked out a bottle of wine. walking up to the front, who do i see but michael, holding a bottle of wine and chex mix. he had ridden his bike to the store after i left.

i thought it was funny. we had a laugh about what lushes we were.

and then i drove home.

i actually had a really good day today. I'm really appreciating these good days. I was going to go home last night, but i elected to stay at michael's so that i could give him a ride to class and work in the morning. okay, i had selfish motives too ... it's really nice to sleep next to him. it's my favorite thing ever.

anyway ... i stopped by my mom's house in the morning to grab a syringe for my night's insulin - since i didn't plan to be out all night, i hadn't worried that i didn't have any with me. as soon a i got there, my dad grabbed me and we went to pick up my car. i would have been perfectly willing to do it later in the day, but my parents decided that it had to be done Now, so off we went - michael sick and coughing, me looking ratty in the clothes i was wearing the day before. I got my car back. no stereo yet, but it's still better than driving the tahoe around.

so i took michael to his new job, then went home, had lunch and a shower, and put on makeup (which michael was nice enough to smudge off later ;)). then i picked him up from work, went back to his house, and ... stuff happened, and then we took a nap. and it was good. then we went to see Shaun of the Dead, and i had much fun, though i am dreading the zombie nightmares that i'm sure are forthcoming.

and because i haven't done it in a while - bad poetry!

scary zombies everywhere
it's okay, i don't care
as long as i can cuddle up to
someone so very sweet, like you.

how sappy is that ...

long story made shorter - dinner, another nice nap (on the couch this time), and the above-mentioned rite-aid encounter, then a fast drive home.

When i arrived home, i found the package i had been expecting from Amazon - and the UPS guy was nice enough to put it in the depression slightly to the left of my door that fills with water every night. So "The Sims" is okay, and the new Marilyn Manson CD is okay, but the book i bought for michael is ... a little damp. I don't know whether to be relieved that it wasn't one of my things, or more sad because it was a gift.

it was a really nice day.

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