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Tomorrow's horoscope:

SCORPIO (Oct 23–Nov 21): It feels like you are working through immovable forces, but the truth is that they are moving. They have to. You simply cannot hold the tension in the same way as you have been any longer. Although it may be quite frightening, you are going to have to put your trust in the universal process and then just get out of your own way. New vistas are just around the corner, and the days ahead can show you what is possible.

not bad advice, even for a skeptic like me.

i need to learn not to get so anxious over things small and vague, like poorly worded emails early in the morning. A phone call tonight has quelled my anxiety somewhat, but i'm always in a state of worry. there are so many possible bad outcomes to everything.

not much of anything going on today. overslept ... no, i didn't oversleep. i woke up when the alarm went off, and every half an hour or so after that, and made the conscious decision each time that i didn't have any reason to get out of bed. so i stayed there until the sun went down, and then decided that i should get up and turn on some lights so that i didn't end up stumbling around in the dark later. i should work on my knitting, but the project i really want to finish is sitting on the table at my mom's house. I think I'll watch some nip/tuck, maybe run out and get myself something yummy for dinner. I can't cook much, since my dishwasher isn't working and my sink is stopped, i've got to be minimal with my use of dishes. If i can't get a plumber out here tomorrow, i'm going to end up washing dishes in the bathtub.

I wish i knew people up here to hang out with. Not that i ever really would, though ... when charles lived in riverside, i think we hung out more in OC than we did here. still ... as much as i thought i hated it then, i kinda miss the apartments i had in orange county where people would show up at the door, inviting themselves over.

i wish i was more the "entertaining" type. but i've whined about this before ...

i think i want nachos. from del taco.

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