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talking about drains and stuff

So i called a plumber, not really expecting to get anyone out here today. I explained my problem to the girl who answered the phone, and asked when i could get someone out here, expecting to make an appointment for sometime this week. She laughed at me and said someone would be here within an hour! yay!

so i did a super fast clean of the kitchen. it's not really clean, but it's neater.

and i won't have to do dishes in the bathtub!

i have no idea what this is going to cost me, but they do take my credit card with the most balance on it. so i can pay for it one way or another. if it's under $100 or so, i have the money in my checking account. i doubt it's going to be that cheap, as long as i have let this problem go. i'm lazy like that ... i'll let things go until i have no choice but to deal with them.

now i've just got to figure out where to put the cats ...

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