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netflix and running water

Yay! my drain is working! sadly, this is the highlight of my week so far.

I think poor sammy was traumatized by the presence of loud machinery in his kitchen. he hissed at the plumber.

So i'm thinking about joining Netflix, if for no better reason than to avoid the late fees that i consistently rack up. it may be a waste of $21.99 a month, it may work out well and provide me with some entertainment. Anybody have experience with them? is it as convenient as promised?

goal for today: take nap, go to work, make it through work w/o killing anyone, visit brent in the morning to check on his cat, see doctor at 10am for refill of brain meds, collapse into coma on my mom's couch.

my life just rocks.

I'm hoping to see my friend's band play at the troubadour on thursday night. it's silly spooky gothy punk stuff. anyone want to go? anyone?
didn't think so.

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