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next time i create the universe i'll make sure you participate

UPS brought a package on Monday, containing a stereo. Until I opened it, i didn't know what kind of stereo it would be. See, when i talked to the claims people last week, they needed a model number. i searched and searched, and finally found some paperwork with a kenwood model number on it. It could have been from my old stereo, it could have been from the one that was just stolen. There was nothing on the paperwork to indicate a date of purchase.

Turns out, it was from my old stereo. The current model of my old stereo is much niftier than the one i have in there now, and a good deal more expensive. So by getting my car burglarized results in me having a better stereo than i did before. And stephinextremis, it does play MP3's.

I shouldn't get too attached, though ... someone will probably help themselves to it soon enough. And even if they don't, i don't think i'll have this car for too much longer (if all goes to plan).

I need to find somewhere to get the stereo installed - i was thinking about trying to do it myself (how hard can it be?) but looking at the wires and "installation kit" and all that, i think i'll just pay someone else to do it.

chatrient and sturmcrow sent me some wonderful cd's, and i'm so very happy. I'm blown away by the generosity of these people that i've never actually met.

My manager at work called me today while i was waiting to go to my lab. Just some scheduling detail, nothing significant. While i had her on the phone, i asked her if she had received my checklist, and is there anything else i needed to do toward a promotion? since i hadn't heard back from her about it since i dropped off the paperwork last week.
She said that she needed to pull my testing from my personnel file, and if i did well enough on that, no problem (i think i did) or i may have to retake the test. Either way, i'm fine, and when everything goes through my promotion will be retroactive to the date that i did the dialysis patient.
I don't know for sure how much of a raise a promotion is, but i've heard it's a dollar. I doubt they'll give me any more than that, since i'm pretty high on their pay scale anyway. a dollar will be quite nice. it's not a ton, but it'll pay my Nexflix bill.

my headache is better, but still here, lurking deep in my frontal lobe. hopefully naproxen will keep it at bay for work tonight.

Heather and I have been making plans for our birthday party ... so far, we've got a pinata, halloween decorations, and hot pink tiki torches. I think we're on the right track ...

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