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I know pretty much everybody who wants one has one, but i've got gmail invites up for grabs. Comment to claim.

My aunt sent me a halloween card. This woman sends cards for every occasion - if they had arbor day cards, she'd by one and send it to me. It's really cool - sometimes when i think everyone in my family has forgotten me, i'll open up my mailbox and there'll be a "just thinking of you" card.

I really should go see her.

So Michael has a car ... this makes me very, very, very happy. this takes care of so many of the stressful transportation issues (and adds a whole new set). The woman we bought the car from had a kid that reminded me of a blonde Dasan, two years or so younger. He could skate better than i could at my best, and had a cherubic face with a mowhawk of blonde ringlets. A kid has to be damn cute to catch my attention, and this one was adorable. We were getting ready to play Tony Hawk while the car sale finished up.

is it possible to bruise the sole of your foot? because i think i did.

And now for something we hope you'll really like:
More Bad Poetry!

Now that Michael has a car
He can drive it very far
and maybe take me to a bar
to buy me liquor in a jar


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