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nothing to look forward to ...

A quick check of my bank account today reveals that I have exactly $0.31. This isn't good, but i get paid in two days and have food in the house, so it's manageable. as long as no automatic debits go through. I took a second to analyze my statement, to see where i could possibly cut expenses. I alreadly live pretty simply - no cable, poor-person's electric and gas rates, one flat rate phone bill, and i make clothes last me for years.

Prescriptions - $140 over the last two weeks
Gas = $75 over two weeks (and this is with me going to oc almost only for work)
Pet Insurance - $75/month (i really ought to just cancel this)

Most of the rest is for food, bills, and the necessities. I used to survive so much better on so much less. I need to figure out how.

My lab teacher didn't show, so i got a nap today. yay me. I did take advantage of my free time at school to get my student ID. Another awful ID picture for the album ... but now i can get the movie discount i'm entitled to.

i don't have any set plans for my days off. It looks like steph and i are going to get together tomorrow afternoon, and i want to meet up with michael at some point, but we havent decided anything for certain. I need some adventure. And some action. definitely some action.

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