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Work was hell, and in an hour i'm leaving to go back. It started with a fucked up case last night as soon as i walked in the door. One critical, shocky dog, and three doctors yelling different orders at me, and the dog suffering for it end the end. He did okay in the end, once one of the doctors finally took some responsibility and decided what we were doing.

I got pulled away from that dog to go into surgery - a linear (stringy) forigen body, caught in a dog's stomach and buching up his intestines. Not too complicated though, routine enough. While i was in surgery, the supervisor knocked on the door. I stuck my head outside to see what she wanteed, and she told me that since our graveyard supervisor had called in sick, could I hold the keys (be supervisor) for the night?

I agreed, since it's valuable experience, but this was really not the night for me to be playing supervisor. We were down our strongest tech, we had one super-critical patient that required the full attention of one tech, we had one new girl who was pretty good, but didn't know where anything was, I had my post-op case to recover, and other than all that, we had a full house of fairly unstable animals.

But if i'm gonna do something, may as well jump right in, right? So i did. It didn't go too badly - I was half panicked the whole time, afraid i was going to screw up something critical. I didn't. We would have been totally caught up as far as vitals and treatments if three emergencies hadn't come in between five and six, one requiring a diagnostic workup and the other being a crashing dachshund who got two rounds of CPR.

The morning supervisor (who was nice enough to actually come in on time today) congratulated on doing as well as i did given the circumstances I had been given. So i felt better about how the night went. After I did rounds with her in the morning, I cleaned my pack from the night before, and got out of there at 8am, with two hours overtime.

I'd be a better tech if i wasn't so high strung and panicky. But I was so stressed out over the handling of the initial critical case, and that set the tone for the rest of the night.

As i was clocking out, i checked my voicemail, and got the message from michael about the car. So I headed over there after work. He was much less ... um ... angry in the morning than he was in his post from the night before. I really wish i could make everything go right for him. Anyway, the problem with the car turned out to be a simple one (much to our embarrassment, when the AAA guy nudged the wire back into place) and the car started fine after that. So i finally got to go home.

I slept hard last night. I didn't dream.

Oh, and the flu has hit work pretty hard. I was informed of this when my co-worker and I were both crouched over a dog in a cage. She was looking a bit wobbly, so i asked her what was wrong, and she leaned in and said, "Oh, i've got the flu."
So i may have it in a few days, after that.

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