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I've had better days off. but then again, i've had worse.

I feel like crap. my head hurts, i feel all weak, and i'm nauseous. I've got a huge test i'm prepared to fail in the morning, followed by an afternoon of the most annoying lab instructor ever, and then a two hour trip in mid-day traffic down the 91 to a work meeting about surgical procedures. I really hope I'm feeling better tomorrow.

I watched Splendor today. It was a very odd movie, but most Gregg Araki movies are. Not nearly as disturbing as Doom Generation. And not nearly as much sex as I expected to see in a movie where the subject is really sex. Dammit, i want my gratuitous nudity.

i really should study. I've been putting it off as long as possible.

I haven't seen it rain once here today, but it's perpetually wet outside. I want a storm, dammit. i want this "heavy rain" i was promised.

Okay, i'm a retard, and accidentally locked down everything i wrote this morning as private. Not that it was all that interesting, but i'm re-posting it here.

Not to sound too much like stephinextremis here, but my god, the clouds were beautiful this morning. Layers of cottony fluff, colored pink and orange by the sunrise. I wanted to take pictures, but i know if i do, i'll look at my pictures folder in a few years and think, "why the hell did i take pictures of clouds?"
As i got further inland on my commute home, i was met with greyer skies and soft drizzle, which fit perfectly with the Billie Holiday CD my friend gave to me last night at work.

For I require
love that's made with fire
and in your arms i find
I always get that kind.

All my wishing for a quieter night at work was for naught - I walked into a shift that was just as hellish as the last two, except we were two techs less than usual and we had a dialysis patient to care for. Luckily, two of the swing techs stayed over until the first morning people came in, so were were able to keep the critical patients under control. I'm getting really tired of always struggling to stay caught up on treatments. It's not always like this, though - this weekend has been crazy.

I got a piece of mail yesterday that I've been waiting on for a long time - a response from the labor board about my claim against Central. I've got a hearing scheduled on the ninth of November, so i've got to organize all my paperwork. Amazingly, I haven't lost it all yet. if everything goes well, i could be getting about $2500 from them. I'll get my overtime pay one way or another ...

I was talking about the situation with a doctor I work with. He worked briefly at Central, was let go, and they also withheld his check. He asked me for the contact info for the labor board so he can file a claim as well.
I am amused by this.

Today I have absolutely nothing to do, and i'm so fucking happy about it. I probably should study for my test tomorrow, though - i'm having issues with cellular biology.

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