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Lots to write, very little time to spend writing.

Went out with francescamuffin, Joe, Crystal, and some people from francescamuffin's work last night. Met a strange, pretty boy that i could swear I've met before, but i just can't place. We all went out to dinner, and ended up drinking at Joe's house. I was tired, so Michael and I went in kinda early.

I've spent pretty much all day today dealing with michael's car, which after much effort, is finally at the shop. Dealt with an asshole tow-truck driver who refused to listen to me. (Yes, I am a girl. Amazingly enough, i am not mechanics-retarded.) Shit like that irritates me to no end - I grew up as part of a pit crew, but mechanics often assume i know nothing about cars and won't listen to a word i say. The guys at the shop were really nice, though. I should know more about the car tomorrow.

I'm at home now, to feed the kots and koshkas, and the birds. In a bit, i'm going to head back to OC. Yay for being on the 91 freeway all afternoon. Really. It's great.

I'm getting very excited about the party. lots and lots of people have promised to show up, so i think it will be fun. Heather and I are going tomorrow sometime to shop for supplies.

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