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I've got to start drawing clearer lines between what i want and what i need.

I want a tricked-out little phone like my brother's, that has nifty ringtones and takes pictures with a movable lens.
I do not need this. I have a perfectly functional phone, which remains perfectly functional even though i drop it at least once a week.

I want a new car - specifically, a scion xB.

I do not need a new car, at least not right this moment. Mine still has a year or so left in it, and if i wait i can save up a larger down payment and pay less in the long run.

I want a cutesy personalized license plate. I certainly do not need this.

I want a good haircut.
I do not need to go out and spend $80 on a haircut. My hair will be fine being a little long for the moment.

I want new clothes.
I do not need them - i have more than enough to get by. In fact, if i buy any new clothes, they should be work clothes.

I want an iPod.
This is totally not a necessity. I do not need another source for my music.

I want a new tattoo.
I do not need a new tattoo - any money spent on that just takes away from the money to be saved for the above-mentioned car. And I don't even know exactly what I want, anyway.

I want cable TV, to fill the gaps in my days at home.
I do not need this, tv sucks brain cells, i have computer, movies, books, knitting, cleaning, and a million other things to occupy my time. And it's too fucking expensive. I can't justify it. I keep telling myself i hate tv, then try to be at my mom's house in time to catch the Daily Show.

I want to buy new books.
I don't need to - i could save money buying used books, or actually going to a library for once (though i think i would have the same late fee problem as i did renting movies).

I want an oven.
I've made do without one for two and a half years, this isn't anything urgent that i need. I have a toaster oven, and i'm only feeding myself anyway.

There are a million other things in my life that fall along these same lines. My goal is to see more clearly what is impulsive and what is really necessary, and be wiser with my limited funds. If i save with the little things, then i can reward myself better with the big things when i do need them (like my scion).

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