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whirlwind day.

What a twenty-four hours.

Woke up at sevenish yesterday, took michael to school, got coffee, picked michael up from school. Went to my mom's took a shower, played on the computer, watched michael nap. Left there, took michael by St. Joe's and then home. Off to Garbage Grove, meet up with Heather at her comics shop. Spend a ridiculous amout of time in the $0.99 store, buying cheapo halloween decorations as decor for my birthday. Heather wanted to do something "girly", so we went and got manicures and dicussed bikini waxing. Work called - I agreed to come in and work the night shift as two people had called in sick. Overtime pay is sweet, and all "called in" shifts are paid as overtime.

The shop which had michael's car called, and all was ready to go. Unfortunately, michael was at work. So i parted ways with heather and made desparate phone calls to all my friends with driver's licenses, looking for someone to help me get my car and his car from the shop to his house. Lisa volunteered, and i am forever and ever grateful. I drove the mazda the few miles from the shop to the house, and, to my amazement, didn't stall it out once, though i did have trouble accelerating up the slight incline of the driveway. But not too bad for only having driven a stick shift car once before. I learned to drive on a stick, but it was a dunebuggy.

Left Michael's car at his house, and went to work at eight. Work sucked. It wasn't a bad caseload, but another person called out sick and no one was willing to stay late or come in early. So it was me and a supervisor takiing care of twenty or so patients, and I was in surgery for half the shift, trying to keep a septic doxie from going into shock during an intestinal resection. And quite the chore that was - by the end of the surgery, the dog had gone through two types of fluids, two units of plasma, and a unit of blood. We used surgical instruments on that dog that i've never seen before. We got out of surgery at 4am, and it took nearly an hour to get the dog awake, during which time another patient decided to try and crash out on us.

No rest for us last night.

Both dogs were still alive when i left, though whether they are alive when i go back to work tonight remains to be seen. The owner of the surgery dog may euthanize it because it now has about eight inches of functional intestine left and may suffer from digestive issues for the rest of its life. That dog was a horrible mess of a case. It didn't look so sick when it came in, but it had undergone two abdominal surgeries recently and we aspirated pus from the abdomen. When we opened it up, most of the intestines had adhered together around an abscess that had forms. We were amazed that the dog had been able to eat at all.

The dog was adorably deformed, too. It was missing most of the right front leg, just a nub was left. I called it my thalidomide dog.

and now i am done with work, and sitting here with aching feet, drinking a warm beer, and thinking happy thoughts about my warm bed upstairs. g'night, all.

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