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bitterness to be shared.

I am becoming seriously burnt out by the overwhelmingly negative attitudes of my co-workers. if you hate your fucking job so much quit. If you hate your life so much, deal with it - and deal with it outside of work, at that. If you work yourself to death at your two full time jobs and don't sleep because you go to school all day, don't take your sleep deprivation out on me.

It's been a long fucking weekend, and it's not quite done. I have to work a shift tonight with two people that i really would rather not work with - one is constantly cranky, and the other is dangerously incompetent.

I'm boycotting the election from this point on.
No, I don't mean that I'm not going to vote. I know exactly what right-wing, christian extremist, misogynist redneck i'm going to vote against.
I'm boycotting the media coverage. I don't want to hear another poll, another prediction, another analysis of percentage points until after this whole debacle is over. I want to go and vote on November second, and not hear another word about it until our supreme court decides who our president will be.

Speaking of the supreme court ... Reinquist has thyroid cancer. Pres. Bush, in a speech recently to fundraisers, made allusions to the fact that he would be in the position of choosing a supreme court justice shortly after the start of his second term.
This is scary business, folks. Say goodbye to your reproductive freedoms if this happens.

/political mutterings

I'm thinking about going to Scary Farm on Wednesday. Anyone else up for a trip?

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