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How many people have you dated this past year?: 1.
How many people have you kissed in your life?: fuck if i know - maybe 40-50?
How many people have you said "I love you too" and meant it?: in a romantic way, six.
Have you ever had a hard time getting over someone?: every single time.
Are you friends with your ex/exes?: all but one.
Have you ever cheated on someone?: no - it sucks when it's done to me, and i wouldn't do it to anyone i care about.
Have you ever been cheated on?: yes.
What's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?: took me to see the glowing waves.
What do you look for in your ideal mate?: the one who can handle me for the good and the bad.
Biggest Turn-ons: intelligence above all. tough girls and femmy boys.
Turn-offs: stupidity, unnecessary machoness, weakness.
Best quote to sum up love: i forget exactly how he said it, but Justin McBee said something like "love is a chemical reaction that causes you to be nice to people that you want to fuck."

What religion are you?: best described as agnostic, leaning strongly towards atheist.
Do you got to church regularly?: no.
What do you think happens when you die: necrosis.
Do you believe in God?: no.
Satan?: no.
Angels?: no.
Heaven?: no.
Hell?: no.
Are you a virgin?: hahahahahaha ... no
What do you think of abortion?: I'm all for it. There are too many people here anyway, and we're like an out of control virus. If it's dependant on the blood supply of the parent, then the parent can do as they wish to it.
Flag burning?: i like fire. it's free expression, a statement of feeling about the government that has taken over our country. we can't say "free speech" on one hand and "don't make that statement" on the other.
War?: an unnecessary evil.
Pop music?: eh. it's crap and i can't be bothered to care.

What Did You Do...
Last weekend?: worked and slept.
Yesterday?: slept, worked, failed my bio test.
Your last birthday?: party at my house - watched chris get written on, saw people that have since moved far away.
New Years Eve?: Slutfest 2003. I was the slut of wright manor 2003.
Valentines Day?: probably nothing.
Easter?: it was my mom's birthday also. i managed to avoid both events by working.
4th of July?: I worked. I'm seeing a pattern here ...
Halloween?: went with justin to see the genitorturers.
Thanksgiving?: was supposed to work, but i was sick. ate dinner with michael's family.
Christmas Eve?: worked
Christmas Day?:morning at my mom's, then worked.

What do you think you'll be doing in...
A week from now: same thing i'm doing tonight - sitting at home by myself.
A month from now?: see above.
A year from now?: see above.
5 years from now?: hopefully at least in nursing school at that point. maybe a bit more stable.
10 years from now?: living somewhere else. working as a nurse.
20 years from now?: being old somewhere.
50 years from now?: I'll be dead.

Ever Been Called...
Dumb?: yes.
Retarded?: no.
Ugly?: yes.
Hot?: yes.
Fat?: yes.
Anorexic?: no.
A waste of space?: no.
Useless?: yes.
Sexy?: yes.
Smelly?: no.
A Slut?: yes.
Beautiful?: yes.
Smart?: yes.
Quiet?: yes. often proclaimed loudly and forcefully - "Why don't you TALK!"
Boring?: yes.
A Bitch?: yes.
Rebel?: yes.
Conceited?: no.

What are you wearing?: scrub pants, my "i wish i was japanese" shirt.
Who are you talking to?: no one.
How is the weather?: don't know, haven't gone outside. it's cold, though.
What are you listening to?: just the birds.
What/Who are you thinking about?: insulin, cleaning, cats.
What are you eating/drinking?: beer and ramen.
What are you looking forward to?: maybe going to haunt, having a couple days off.
What are you dreading?: my continued existance. having my heart broken again.
How are you feeling?: bored.
How is your hair?: right now it's in a bun with a pen stuck through it.
What time is it?: 9:13pm.
What are you annoyed by?: weakness and inconsistency. plans changing. indecisiveness.

When Was The Last Time You...
Burped?: hold on a sec ... now.
Kissed?: last time i saw michael ... friday. too long ago.
Had sex?: um ... i think i made a promise not to discuss this.
Went to the movies?: a few weeks ago, when shaun of the dead came out.
Went out to eat?: like two weeks ago.
Cried?: every night.
Got dumped?: last spring. in retrospect, it was for the best.
Dumped someone?: halloween, 2002. and it felt good.
Threw up?: 9/17/04. too much whiskey and sadness.
Peed?: about three minutes ago. damn beer.
Went skating?: i have rollerskates. i don't think i've used them in years.
Went for a walk?: walking dogs, last night at work.
Ate ice cream?: last week, to satisfy an intense craving.
Got into a fight?: define fight.

Three Things

3 things you enjoy doing
1. drinking
2. placing iv lines.
3. getting action.

3 things you want to try
1. driving a stick (for more than a few blocks).
2. better wine
3. to keep my house clean

3 people you love
1. michael
2. my friends
3. my pets

3 foods you are addicted to
1. togo's cheese sandwiches (#22)
2. popcorn
3. greek salads.

3 things you hate
1. mistreatment of animals.
2. greed
3. the government

3 shows you watched when you were little
1. the news
2. winnie the pooh
3. quantum leap

3 wishes
1. a future with him.
2. to live far away.
3. to get through school.

Who was the last person you...
Talked to?: Michael
Yelled at?: Goyle (he tried to pee in the laundry basket right in front of me!!!)
Kissed?: michael
Hugged?: heather
Went out to eat with?: michael
Flirted with?: it's everyone or no one, depends who you ask.
Talked to on the phone?: michael
IMed?: Andy
E-Mail?: heather
Got flowers from?: michael gave me a rose.
Made love to?: michael
Danced with?: i only dance with myself.
Fought with?: well, i argued with michael. does that count?
Worried about?: i don't know
Wanted to kill?: the redheaded bitch.
Cried over?: you know.
Thought about?: michael

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