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happy clouds and sad parakeets.

I took many pictures of clouds yesterday, but that one came out the best.
I also took pictures of the lunar eclipse, but on my crappy digi-cam, it just looks like a blurry crescent moon. Oh well.

This hasn't been the best day. I didn't even plan on staying at my mom's last night, but after falling asleep on michael's couch, i didn't think driving all the way home would be the best idea. So i went to my mom's with the intention of waking up this morning and driving home. I didn't wake up until mid-afternoon, then spent too much time fucking around on the computer. I left just in time for afternoon traffic, and it took me two and a half hours to get home. The dog whined almost the whole way.

I arrived home to find the parakeet's cage on its side, on the floor next to the table i keep it on. Water and birdseed everywhere. The birds seem traumatized, but are okay. I can't get the cage apart to clean it properly, so the bottom is covered in wet seed. Maybe it will sprout. I'll fix it later when i am less frustrated.

The cats aren't even bothering looking guilty.

By the time I got done setting up the birds, my dinner had gone cold. Everything up here is cold - i'm wrapped in a blanket and shivering. better than hot, though.

I turn on the computer to find that I am unable to check my e-mail. Thanks, Adelphia. This happens about once a week.

it will be okay, though. Netflix just sent Saved, and I still have Memento to watch. I'm going back to OC tomorrow and staying the night at Michael's house. I found an awesome vegan restaurant in costa mesa last night, and will probably continue to go back until I've tried everything on the menu.

it will be okay. *deep breaths*

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