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Dying my hair is becoming more and more like a fingerpainting project every time i do it. so far it's been a two hour process, and i still have to add the purple. it's more fun than sleeping, though. I'm trying to convert more black to purple, and it's a tricky process. especially by myself, with a hand mirror.

Old hospital gowns make great clothes to dye hair in.

how is it that i manage to offend people no matter what i do? i'm having one of those days where i feel that everything i do is wrong, but that may just be the sleep deprivation talking.

My mom called me today, while i was voting, to make sure that i was voting. Apparently I am not responsible enough to remember to go vote ... unlike past elections, i didn't sleep through this one ...

Flea has a new pink sweater, with a fur collar. I found it while buying bird food this morning, and couldn't resist. The guy in line in front of me said, "You aren't actually going to put that on him, are you?" I told him that it was my chihuahua and I could decorate him however I wanted to. He looks adorable in it - I'll post pics when i have new batteries in my camera.

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