kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

post party observations

i think i had good reason to be worried ...

it wasn't that everyone i knew showed up ... it was that some of them saw fit to invite bunches of people that they knew, and they invited people that they knew ...

and i realized that i was having a party in a house full of loud, bratty, obnoxious people i didn't know. so i got sad, then i got bitchy, and then i kicked out a bunch of drunk emo kids with bad hair, and then it was okay again.

i just did a quick scan of the house, and it's a disaster. nothing seems broken, but it's going to take some intensive scrubbing. Michael has agreed to assist me, on sunday.

This has served as a wonderful reminder to stick to small gatherings far enough away that no one feel the urge to just "show up." But apparently other people had fun, and i had some fun and saw lots of people i love to see, so i guess it was all for the best.

The George Bush pinata seemed to be a success, and was well received by most. My driveway is covered in candy.

I received some very cool gifts, not least the stuff from stephinextremis and arakrune ... apparently i can have everything in leopard print. I smoked two cloves, and my throat is now suffering for it.

so thank you to everyone that showed up, and special thank yous to all that helped me regulate on the emo kids.

pictures will be up sometime this week.

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