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misery loves work

I work with some miserable people sometimes, but i've never before worked with someone who seemed so intent on bringing everyone else down with her. Just because you hate your job and your life doesn't mean i should suffer. I got bitched at multiple times for doing nothing wrong - it really seemed like i got bitched at every time there was an opportunity. Then she went back to doing her homework while the rest of us worked.

I'd go talk to management, but i've already used up my one "bitch about a co-worker" card on my other graveyard shift headache (who is becoming easier to work with).

I put a lot of effort into maintaining a positive attitude at work, even when i'm feeling down. it sucks to have someone at work be doing every thing they can to make the people around them unhappy.

i missed school today. bad me. I'm not doing too wonderfully this semester. oh well.

my email isn't working again and it's a pain in the ass. fuck adelphia.

The party wiped me out financially, which isn't too surprising. I didn't have a big paycheck this last time, so i didn't have a lot of room to spare. My next check will be decent, though - i worked 90 hours over two weeks (i'm scheduled for 30 hours a week). I wish i got it sooner than the fifteenth.

The fifteenth of november is my actual birthday. Traditionally, i go out to dinner with my parents on my birthday, to any restaurant of my choosing, though it be on the night o my birthday this year. I was going to go to Cafe Plaka, but that's gone. I thought about going to the vegan place, but there's no need to make my Atkin's loving family go through a vegan dinner. so i've got to find a good restaurant, preferably italian/mediterranean, and just formal enough to make my family uncomfortable. Anyway, on my birthday, i have to work and go to school. It will be quite festive, i'm sure.

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