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they didn't take away my license!

Well, the DMV wasn't so bad. I passed my written test and got my picture taken. The next version of my drivers license will feature me smiling and in pigtails. The wait was about an hour, but i brought a book and watched the scuzziness of east riverside pass by. You know those stupid pants with the writing across the ass? Picture those pants, stretched so tightly that the lettering is completely distorted and unreadable. Throw in the sound of screaming children, and the smell of unwashed america. it's an experience.

It's really beautiful outside. clear and breezy, but not cold, and the sky goes on forever. I can see all the mountains around my house - in the summer, there's usually too much smog. It's the perfect day for a long drive, had i anywhere to go but the OC. I almost drove to San Diego earlier. There isn't anything for me in san diego, but the 215 is a pretty freeway.

My hair is giving me fits today. i wish someone was here to help me put it up.

One of the many treasures obtained on my last journey with heather to the 99 cent store is a little gold buddah. When i unpacked some stuff the other day, i placed it on my computer desk, so that i have a shiny gold buddah to watch over me. maybe that's why i've been so calm.

In a camera that was on my desk, i found an undeveloped roll of film. i have no clue what is on it. It's getting dropped off at walgreens today. this should be interesting.

i really should get on the freeway - traffic isn't going to get any better.

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