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It's been a lovely day, and it's okay

Found evidence today (yesterday, now? It's still today until I go to sleep.) that there are other human beings, real people, in this godforsaken place I live in. I was about to give up hope.

My arms hurt ... must limit the lifting of weighs and stop sometime before the point at which I cannot lift anymore ... who am i kidding. I'll probably do it again tomorrow. I can't do things halfassed. Even when I should.

So I went down to TC tonight ... niceness. Someone was selling old books, and when I showed up, Michael gave me a book he bought for me ... "Anatomy of the Domestic Animals". So sweet, and he knows what a veterinary geek I am ... That made me so very happy ... It's nice to be thought of. Andy gave me a book too, later, he said it was a thank you present for wearing the silver dress and nylons on Monday. I'm not sure how I feel about that. A dog photography book. Anyway, hung out at TC for a while, left there at like 1am. Talked to Michael for a little bit, which is always nice.

I may have plans for tomorrow night ... depends ... must make phone calls.

Gotta get my nails done tomorrow ... they're starting to get ragged. I've put it off too long. Yeah, I know I'm vain.

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