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bitching, whining, etc.

i don't know why i'm feeling so conflicted, angsty, confused ... on paper, everything should be so simple. If someone else were describing this life to me, i'd have paragraphs of easy answers.
my mind won't let anything be easy.

flea got a new toy yesterday, and loves it. we've been playing fetch so much this afternoon my arm hurts. well, not really that much. but a lot.

I hate michael's job and pretty much everyone there, with a couple of exceptions. just a couple. i hate that it makes him miserable. i hate that it takes his free time. if i only had the money to be a sugar mama ...

work tonight. i have a feeling i'm going to be supervisor again, which means i'll be working twelve hours. wouldn't be so bad if i didn't have to be back at 8pm sunday. i'm thinking of asking my manager to change my 8pm-6am shift on saturday to 9pm-7am, since my relief doesn't even show up until 6:30. overtime is nice and all, but i'm tired.

thank goodness for direct deposit going in early - no ramen tonight for me! the birthday party wiped me out, and my last check wasn't for many hours. this check made up for it - i think i had 95 hours. not bad considering i'm scheduled for 30 hours a week.

My brother and a couple of his friends were drunk in front of my mom's house when i got here late last night. They're obnoxious sober and even more so when they're drunk. I don't know how my brother does it - he's up early every morning to go out to the racetrack with my parents, and still manages to drink until 3am every night. they made enough noise to wake my mom up, who then came downstairs to bitch at me. At least when i come home stumbling drunk, i'm quiet about it.

i think i'm going out for thai food.

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