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old dead bastard

Ol' Dirty Bastard died yesterday.

It'd the end of an era ... i'm not sure which era ... the era of insane rappers that change their name frequently, maybe.

He has the same birthday i do, which may be the only reason i have any interest in his death at all. found this out on KNX this morning. Both KNX and KFWB referred to him only as "ODB", which i thought was a bit cowardly.

My birthday is Monday. I'll be 24. I feel old. I feel like i ought to be an adult by now. A friend of mine at work gave me two little Gorey books, and they're adorable. I love Gorey.

I'm about to drink a rather large bottle of Double Bastard as my after work breakfast beer. It was the kind of night that necessitates it. We did well, though. Nothing died, even the patients that would have been better off that way. Our most critical patient was a diabetic, seizuring, thrashing malamute whose fever spiked to 108 degrees last night. The owner called this morning and was upset that the dog wasn't well and able to go home.
Some people just aren't rational.
And then there were the people that brought the family picture and the gold crucifix to be placed in the dog's cage. When told that their dog had no long term prognosis, they said, "So we should pray for a miracle, then?"
What do you say to that? "Go ahead, your dog needs one?"

No fewer than four people came up to me last night and congratulated me on being made supervisor. Funny thing is, I haven't yet been made a supervisor. Odd when the rumours are about me. I think I'm the only one who still knows that i'm not a supervisor. If i do get promoted, i may have to change my schedule (again!) to Thursday-Friday-Saturday. Not too bad, but i won't get to see some of the people I like working with on Sundays and Mondays. Working the whole weekend would kinda suck, but it's not like i'm out doing much on my friday nights anyway. The most important thing is keeping my shifts bunched together, so i have decent time off.

It's funny that everyone talks to me like i'm an actual supervisor now. It's like i've earned respect or something odd like that ...
i care about my work way too much.

and now ... bad poetry about my cats!

Goyle is the most cheerful cat
Obi thinks that he is royalty
Sam-E stays on his kitchen chair
And Patches just wants love from me
*pausing for applause*

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