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groceries, alta, oolong, socks, and fire (Fire! FIRE!)

To the disturbingly tall couple in line in front of me at food for less, who even though you had a good three feet of space on the conveyor belt, put all of their macrobiotic groceries at the very end of the belt, thereby forcing me to hold in my hands 6 lbs. of yams, a case of ramen, two boxes of tofu, and seven lbs. of cat food for five minutes longer than was necessary,

fuck you. fuck you very much.

no love,
kasey (aka the girl in line behind you trying to balance a case of ramen on the edge of the soda case)

I was going to go shopping with steph today, but i looked at my bank account last night, and realized that after my check for this month's and last month's homeowners association fees clears, i'll have approximately eighty dollars to last ten days. $8 a day. I can do this. somehow.

worse comes to worse, i can pillage my severely depleted savings account (that i keep promising myself i'm not going to touch) and live off credit cards. I have a Shell gas card i can use. I have a $15 gift certificate for food. I'll manage to live with only the bottle of whiskey i already have ... maybe.

I did do a little grocery shopping tonight. Yams were $0.97 for seven pounds, so i'll be eating a lot of those ... ramen is as cheap as ever ... tofu is cheap protein. I have frozen veggies. I can mooch food from my family. I have a good supply of tea.

I drove to OC tonight to meet up with michael. Getting there was an adventure - on Alessandro, there was a truck accident in the road ahead, as well as a house burning down half a block to the right. The detour put me on a little windy road, i got turned around backward, and ended up halfway home again before i figured out where i was. I got a couple nifty pictures of the fire.

Finally, after far too much time spent driving through side streets of riverside, i reached michael's house and we went to Alta. Alta is a great little coffeeshop, and i wish it was closer. and i wish the parking didn't suck so bad. I tried a tea i've never tried before - Oolong. Not bad. Anyway, we left there after a while and went for a long walk around the bay area. It's really pretty there, if you can get past the rich kids and obnoxiously expensive cars all over the place.

Back to michael's house for a while, and then i came back to moreno valley and had my grocery store adventure. Tomorrow night i start my workweek. Monday morning I'm going to the state building in Santa Ana to drop off my paperwork for the hearing. I calculated $1500 in unpaid overtime, and i now have it documented paycheck by paycheck. they will pay for pissing me off. I've still got to figure out how to file something in small claims court too, for the records they refuse to release to me. This is quite fun.

Michael has spent a good deal of time tonight trying to convince me to wear socks. I can't think of a good reason why (excepting cold and wet days). I don't like socks. I don't even like wearing shoes, really, but it's necessary. More than a few people have gotten on my case for not wearing socks, but no one has convinced me that i ought to.

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