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pessimism comes in waves

I get to see michael today and i'm very happy about it.
I wish it wasn't so hard to see my boyfriend, but that's the way it is for now, and that's the way i guess it needs to be. He's talking about taking this full-time LVN program in February, so i'd see him even less. Good things come to those who wait, right? Please?

Since I got this Netflix thing (which i <3 very much), I've decided that I need* a DVD burner. Not that my CD burner even works. Not that my computer is even functional enough to handle it. But maybe as part of that new computer that I always talk about and am never able to afford.

All my energy I had last week for the around-the-house projects is gone. I've got yarn all over the place, the cats have knocked all the stuff off the coffee table (including my spleen-in-a-jar, which is now upside down on the carpet), and my computer desk is covered in useless crap and used syringes. Gotta get to work on this.

Happy Birthday, hamsterhuey. Hope it's a good one and you get lots of action.

And now, for lack of anything better to post, a picture of my dog (because he is adorable and i love this picture).

*need, want, it's all the same.

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