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I think I pissed off Stephanie ... quite by accident. I am not the one she quoted in the post, but I have issues that I half-assed brought up with her, and then dropped ... and that's not fair. I feel bad.

Finally got my bed set up. Yay. But the frame is all cheap, and they didn't send the foot pegs, so quite a bit of the support comes from books and duct tape. See how long this one lasts. Kind of a challenge, there ...

Norm was nice enough to send me some pics he had taken. So I posted them up on my site. Go look! yeah ... my site ... look

Digging myself deeper into a moral hole. But on the upside, i really don't care.

Tonight, TC, then work ... oh, the excitement is unbearable. Really. At least it's Dr. Harris tonight. We get to see exotics, and I don't have to worry that she's going to kill the patients.

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