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my foot hurts, thanks to babyland ...

So babyland was awesome last night, but they're always awesome. I stood up kinda close to the front and kinda danced (it's unavoidable, for me, with this band). All the people around me were also trying to dance, and my feet got stomped. Didn't help that i was wearing little strappy red heels, with no protection. So today my feet are red and bruised and swollen, but it was so worth it.

I got the newest cd, and my favorite of the old ones. I've bought the older one three or four times now ... it's been stolen repeatedly.

This morning I'm awake (because someone called my cell phone at 9am), hungry (unfortunately, i'm in an Atkins house), and bored ... Michael is at work, i'm going to work tonight, saturdays are always dull. maybe i'll get some knitting done. Maybe i'll teach myself intarsia.

Feeling kinda down and worried lately, and i don't quite know why ...

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