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First ... this sucks. I wasn't the biggest Pantera fan, but they had their talent, and this just shows how vulnerable bands are at these clubs. Dimebag Darrel Dead

Your Silver-Age Superhero Career
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You petition to join: the Teen Titans
Their response: they just keep laughing and shouting "Wha'evah! Wha-EVAH!" until you leave
You are best remembered for: endorsing McDonald's Super Size Artery-Clogger Burger
Your heroic level: - 38%
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I'm tired and burnt out. I've worked the last four nights in a row, it's been busy and stressful. I have today off. i slept through part of it and ruined the other part. I've got some time before work tomorrow, but i'm going to the dentist to have my mouth drilled upon.

Friday, someone from the cable company is coming out to the house to look at the cable modem. Hopefully I will be back online soon. I'm going kinda crazy without interweb access.

Not much else to report ... i'm tired and lonely. Oh, the cat that got the huge overdose of dextrose last week? He went home monday. Still blind, but not seizuring, and able to walk and eat. I was overjoyed.

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