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You'll scream tonight

Going to Ministry tonight ... yeah, with Heather ... should be getting ready instead of typing on this thing, but i lag as a matter of habit ... Have the whole outfit ready but the shirt. I am so very excited about this.

Last night ... fairly uneventful. TC and then work, as tuesdays always go. I think I was irritating Lisa by talking to her new boy ... not interested at all, but it was fun to watch her squirm. Worked on my blackjack skills (still non-existant for the most part) and played a few hands of poker.

Went to work ... johnangel messaged me about coming by, but I had a critical doggie that I had to monitor ... Waited all night for the damn dog to die, and it didn't. I was afraid to leave the treatment area, I figured it would stop breathing the moment I turned my back.

Talked with Brent for a long time on the phone. He's really such a different boy now.

One of our old friends is dying ... a guy I've actually known since second grade. cancer. he couldn't be more than 23 now, and he has thyroid cancer. I lost touch with the guy when I moved out of the neighborhood.

So I got his phone number from Brent. I should call him ... but what to say? "Hi, I know it's been a while, but I heard you're dying."

And also ... on a selfish note ... I'm not sure I can handle inviting that kind of pain into my life again. After Jeff ...

But that is incredibly selfish of me. I will talk to him soon. I just have to figure out how.

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