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It's cute ... I'm sitting at home, feeling crappy, thinking about how nice it would be to talk to michael, but he's at work ... and the phone rings, and he's calling me on his lunch break.

so i feel a little less crappy.

But i have to leave for work soon, and that's not going to make me feel any better. The supervisor that was making everyone miserable, bitching me out for stupid shit? she got demoted. Which is fine, and what she deserved, and all that ... but ... this isn't going to make her any more of a pleasant person to work with, especially for those who have to supervise her ... i don't have to today, but i will when i start working tuesdays. No fun ... but who ever said work was fun.

I spilled beer on my keyboard the other day, and can now not use the control key and parts of the numbers section. it's making things a little less convenient, but i guess it's what i get for typing drunk.

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