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So I've got this dentist appointment this morning. A dental surgeon, to talk about the root canal i need. (in which i tell him, "sedate me or it isn't going to happen.") My mom calls me last night, to ask if I want her to come with me.


I'm 24 years old, do i need me hand held for a dental consult? I should hope not.

She got kinda insulted when i said i didn't need her to go. I hate it when she tries to be a parent. Shoulda tried before i turned twenty, mom.

After this appointment, i'm hoping to meet up with season, and at some point today, michael. It's my day off and i want it to be pleasant. I'm thinking hookah bar later tonight, if i can convince michael to go. I've got to take flea to his dental appointment tomorrow morning, so no late nights for me. Flea is gonna hate me for this, but his mouth is disgusting. It must be done.

I'm liking my new phone. It's got lots of nifty little toys, and once i figure them all out, i'm sure they'll be much fun. I ordered some ringtones already - "Uncontrollable Urge" (Devo) for michael, and "Just One Fix" (Ministry) for every other call. No real significance to that one, but if i'm going to hear a song over and over, it may as well be one i love.

My head hurts. Vicodin hangover.

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