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personality negative

(all of this written earlier, but lj was being stupid)

So the girl at work who has been giving me grey hairs and nightmares? I finally figured out why i don't like her personally (why i don't like her professionally has more to do with the gross incompetence). She's been reminding me of someone for a while, and i figured out who it was and why ...

She has no personality of her own. She knows it. So she overcompensates. "Look what i can do! I know karate and i'm going to be a doctor and i'm the best tech ever and i'm a model in my spare time and I'M SO SPECIAL!"

You're not special! You are an empty space, surrounding yourself with things that encircle you like electrons, covering up the fact that there's really nothing there. Next thing you know, she'll be making crappy art and making us listen to her crappy poems. And just like the other people i know, everyone around them is too afraid to say anything, so we (they) all support it and reinforce it and let it go on. These people should not be encouraged. I'd far rather deal with someone who is comfortable in their nothingness than someone who has to hide behind all these substitutions.

Before anyone gets all huffy about what a hypocrite i am, please note that i am not claiming that i am any better. I have no objective view of my own personality or lack thereof, so if you want to pick it apart, that's your waste of time.

I cut people like this out ... i get tired of it. I can't make it go away at work.


i'm annoyed with this wind. my hair is all perfect, and as soon as i go outside, that'll be shot to hell. My skin will dry up and develop cracks like fault lines, and i will wither away and die. or reapply lotion.

my hair is done because i have a christmas party at 7pm. it's 12:30, and i'm all ready for my 7pm party. No, no anxiety issues here.

Poor flea is at the vet, getting his teeth scraped. Lucky bastard gets to be under anesthesia for this, for only $144. I should find a vet to fix my teeth. I always worry when he has to go under anesthesia. The vet would probably let me be there with him if i asked her, but i doubt i'd be any less worried.

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