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Family Christmas has given me a Family Migraine.

My mother was nice enough to give my five-year-old hyperactive boy cousin a drum and harmonica set. As amusing as it is to think about his parents having to suffer with that for the rest of the year, i really couldn't take even the couple of hours of it.

I got neat stuff, far more than i was expecting. My aunt got me some lovely-smelling lotions and things, i got $50 to barnes & noble (already spent), $20 in gas cards, a beautiful jewelery box, and some other trinkets. I didn't expect to get anything, but i guess they still think i'm one of the kids. i'm okay with that.

I don't want to go to work tonight. i never want to go to work. i'm still waiting for that trust fund that i'm sure is out there somewhere.

Even when i'm with my entire family, i feel incredibly isolated.

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