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no vacation for me.
so fuck petco with something large and painful (yes, wubby, like your ego).

i'm trying to get myself together enough to make backup plans. anything. i need somewhere else to be. i've got thursday and friday to work with next week, or i can try to put something together for later in january.

Certain people aren't helping with all the shit that is going on lately.
margarthemighty, if you are going to accuse me of shit, have the balls to do it to my face, you fucking bitch.
As for everyone else ... if all you've got to offer is attacks on the people i love and my own judgement, kindly keep it to yourself, mkay? maybe save it all for a day when i can fucking handle it!

what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger ... if only i don't kill anyone else in the process.

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